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London 2012 Olympics

In 2012 we saw the Olympics come to London. One of the largest sporting events in the world, and it needed to be policed. Connections are the Met Police's provider of coach transport and are always on hand when large events come to town. This, however was on a scale no-one had ever witnessed before or probably ever will again.

A dedicated team Coach Hire Connections set upon sourcing suitable vehicles from reputable suppliers to ferry the Police force to and from each event during the games. This required careful management to ensure that vehicles picked-up at various locations at pre-arranged times but had to be flexible to allow for any disruptions that the force may encounter.

A dedicated transport hub was set up on-site and operational staff and management worked round the clock to ensure we moved 1 Million officers, 40,000 coaches and 200+ coaches per day without problems.


This was our largest and most challenging job to date and we are extremely pleased with the effort and professionalism of everyone involved, it made such a difference. It couldn't have been done without you."
Ian Fraser, Operations Director


It's not every year that we get the opportunity to be involved in a challenge on this scale for an event as prestigious as the Olympics. It was our chance as a nation and as a company to prove that we can deliver. With the help of all the coach operators and staff involved we have done ourselves proud."
Danny Elford, Commercial Director

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London 2012 Olympics