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See work ticket attached to your email for full booking details. It is your responsibility as the operator to check all the details on the work ticket thoroughly. By completing this form you accept this booking and agree to our terms and conditions.

Please quote these reference numbers on your invoice, failure to do so will result in your invoice being delayed or rejected and no payment made until re-submitted correctly)


Please pass on our direct number for drivers use: 01634 360778
Please ensure the driver understands the booking instructions, has all the relevant information, and is in uniform.

As per Connections contract please be aware that any further SUB CONTRACTING of this work IS NOT permitted and any subsequent invoice will not be paid

Final details will be sent the working day prior to hire departure

I confirm I have fully read and checked the details on the work ticket supplied to me in the same email I received the link to this form detailing the movement ID as above and that I agree to the Connections sub contract terms and conditions.

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